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Flight Delay, Again

This time it was Norwegian Air. Yesterday, we were supposed to fly out of Tromsø at 7:50 PM, but we didn’t actually leave until 9:45 PM. The worse part was that there was a flight scheduled to leave Tromsø at 9:10 PM. They did leave on time. We sat in the same gate and watched…
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Flight Delay

We got in to KEF late and we are leaving late. Our plane out of KEF is broken. We sat on the plane for awhile before the pilot announced that we were not leaving. They got a new plane and we will be on our way to Copenhagen 3 hours later than scheduled. When we…
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I Can’t Wait!

We are going back to Nordic in less than 3 weeks! I still don’t know why we liked Stockholm as much as we did. So, this year when it’s time to pick our vacation spot, I told Drew that maybe we should explore more of Scandinavia. We are going to be in Copenhagen, Malmö, Olso…
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Sometimes I forget I live in Seattle

“And he lives in Seattle” “It rains nine months a year there” “I know…” — Sleepless in Seattle, one of my favorite movies I don’t think it rains that much in Seattle. We mostly get cloudy days and showers. We rarely have “rain”. That’s what I think, anyway. Living in Seattle really makes you appreciate…
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Life in the City

I think it is about time I write about something. My sad little blog has been abandoned for over half a year. I have to say that writing really isn’t my forte. I never really liked it since I was a kid. My mom told me once when we were talking about my childhood that…
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