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Flight Delay, Again

This time it was Norwegian Air. Yesterday, we were supposed to fly out of Tromsø at 7:50 PM, but we didn’t actually leave until 9:45 PM. The worse part was that there was a flight scheduled to leave Tromsø at 9:10 PM. They did leave on time. We sat in the same gate and watched…
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Did I Forget Something?

Did I forget to tell you that we went to Stockholm last year? Hmm… We were in Stockholm during the last week of August when the locals started to come back to the city from their summer vacation. There were a couple of days that were very hot out and we wished we had shorts!…
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Finally Here!

For some reason, I didn’t expect that flying out to Istanbul would be just as tiring as going to Thailand. I guess I was so excited that I forgot that this trip still involves crossing international date line. I also did not expect that Delta airline would be much more inferior to any Asian airlines…
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T-13 Days and Counting

It’s 13 days until our trip to Istanbul! I am so excited! This will be our long overdue, well deserved vacation. I am counting this as our real vacation since we moved back to Seattle. I’m insisting on the fact that going to visit my parents in Thailand every 8 months for the past 4…
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Leaving on a Jet Plane

I miss my parents and Thailand, but I’ll be there soon! We’re leaving this Thursday and will be back on Sunday, March 16th. I’ll come back 10 shades darker… as usual. We’ll see if I have time to update my blog while I’m there. No promises. 😉