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Tartine Method in a Loaf Pan

Since I’ve discovered Tartine Bread, I have never made sourdough any other way. In a nutshell, this method requires young levain, autolyse the dough, a series of stretch and fold every 30 minutes instead of kneading the dough in a mixer, and you bake it in a cast iron combo cooker to trap the steam…
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Record High and Hot Bread

Eighty five degrees is the new record high for Seattle on May 1st! So, am I a little crazy or really crazy to be baking sourdough bread today because I wanted to try Tartine Book No.3’s sprouted grain recipe? I got rye and triticale from Ballard farmer’s market over the weekend. I sprouted them a…
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Flat Cookies

I used to be notoriously bad at baking cookies. Any cookies I baked would always come out flat. I am not sure whether or not it was because of the obsessive butter beating or the excessive bowl scraping habit I have. When the recipe says, “Beat butter and sugars until light and fluffy”, I had…
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Don’t Let a Baking Bug Bite

I have been baking A LOT during the past couple of weeks. I baked so much that Drew asked if I got bit by a baking bug. I blame it on the snow. We woke up with snow on the ground on Wednesday, January 18th. It snowed the whole day on Wednesday and Thursday. By…
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Baking Season

There are plenty of things that should make me feel unhappy about fall — the yellow maple leaves all over the yard that need to be raked up, the perennials are going dormant, and no more fresh produce from our own garden!  Unfortunately, the garden didn’t do well this year at all.  It was cold…
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