Month: November 2007

Thanksgiving, My Four Day Weekend

My four day weekend is almost over. I love four day weekends, but I do hate it, too. It makes me lazy and not wanting to go to work tomorrow. Our Thanksgiving was great. We did a co-op with our next door neighbor, Mike and Gina. Gina made candied sweet potatoes, garlic mash potatoes, and…
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Kids vs. Pets

People say that having pets is like having kids if not easier. I used to think that having pets is alot easier than having kids because you can leave your pets alone when you’re not home. Jasmine, our dog, roam free during the day, and for the cats, we have a cat door for them…
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Hello World!

Yes, Random Crap in Life… I think the title explains it all. So, life continues after New Jersey. I’ve been back in my house in Indianola, WA since October 3rd. Becker and I drove from JFK to Indianola, WA in 42 hours! It’s 2,900 miles! It would have been quicker if we didn’t get lost…
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