Month: April 2012

Flat Cookies

I used to be notoriously bad at baking cookies. Any cookies I baked would always come out flat. I am not sure whether or not it was because of the obsessive butter beating or the excessive bowl scraping habit I have. When the recipe says, “Beat butter and sugars until light and fluffy”, I had…
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T-13 Days and Counting

It’s 13 days until our trip to Istanbul! I am so excited! This will be our long overdue, well deserved vacation. I am counting this as our real vacation since we moved back to Seattle. I’m insisting on the fact that going to visit my parents in Thailand every 8 months for the past 4…
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Sometimes I forget I live in Seattle

“And he lives in Seattle” “It rains nine months a year there” “I know…” — Sleepless in Seattle, one of my favorite movies I don’t think it rains that much in Seattle. We mostly get cloudy days and showers. We rarely have “rain”. That’s what I think, anyway. Living in Seattle really makes you appreciate…
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