Month: May 2014

I Can’t Wait!

We are going back to Nordic in less than 3 weeks! I still don’t know why we liked Stockholm as much as we did. So, this year when it’s time to pick our vacation spot, I told Drew that maybe we should explore more of Scandinavia. We are going to be in Copenhagen, Malmö, Olso…
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Tartine Method in a Loaf Pan

Since I’ve discovered Tartine Bread, I have never made sourdough any other way. In a nutshell, this method requires young levain, autolyse the dough, a series of stretch and fold every 30 minutes instead of kneading the dough in a mixer, and you bake it in a cast iron combo cooker to trap the steam…
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Record High and Hot Bread

Eighty five degrees is the new record high for Seattle on May 1st! So, am I a little crazy or really crazy to be baking sourdough bread today because I wanted to try Tartine Book No.3’s sprouted grain recipe? I got rye and triticale from Ballard farmer’s market over the weekend. I sprouted them a…
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