We got in to KEF late and we are leaving late. Our plane out of KEF is broken. We sat on the plane for awhile before the pilot announced that we were not leaving. They got a new plane and we will be on our way to Copenhagen 3 hours later than scheduled.

When we found out that we have an hour to kill in KEF, we were sort of excited. On our way to the new gate, Drew said, “Should we get some licorice?” We went and got 3 bags of Gammeldags Lakrids. These are one of the best licorice we have ever had!

Then, I got excited when I realized that we could go to the Saga Lounge. Last time we were there, they had a bunch of macarons. As we were walking toward the lounge, I kept thinking about those macarons. But, here I am, sitting in the Saga Lounge with no macarons. I was hungry. I went to see what they had. There were some sandwiches, bread, lunch meat and cheese. Some croissant and crackers. Then, I saw a sign over sliced cured meat layered on top of flat bread. It reads, “Icelandic smoked lamb”. It was so darn tasty!

I guess, sometimes, when bad things happen, it could turn into a good thing. I wouldn’t have found this delicious Icelandic smoked lamb if our flight was not delayed.

Icelandic smoked lamb