This time it was Norwegian Air.

Yesterday, we were supposed to fly out of Tromsø at 7:50 PM, but we didn’t actually leave until 9:45 PM. The worse part was that there was a flight scheduled to leave Tromsø at 9:10 PM. They did leave on time. We sat in the same gate and watched the “later” flight leave before we did. I don’t understand why Norwegian Air couldn’t just use that plane and flew us out so we didn’t have to wait so long. The flight that was supposed to leave at 9:10 PM would only had a 35 minute delay. But, no, they would rather have our flight have a 2 hour delay. I did ask them why and the answer I got was really lame. Apparently, their system doesn’t allow that. They also couldn’t move us to that flight even when we only had a carry-on luggage. And, their system also doesn’t allow adding a frequent flyer number after your flights have been booked either! I mean, does Norwegian Air system was developed in the 60’s and hadn’t been upgraded since?

We sat at the airport and watched 2 SAS flights leave for Oslo on time. I think next time we’ll fly them instead of Norwegian Air.