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Don’t Let a Baking Bug Bite

I have been baking A LOT during the past couple of weeks. I baked so much that Drew asked if I got bit by a baking bug. I blame it on the snow. We woke up with snow on the ground on Wednesday, January 18th. It snowed the whole day on Wednesday and Thursday. By…
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The Right Way to Start Off 2012

We spent our new year’s evening with a couple of our foodie friends, Richard and Melissa. Our plan was to attempt Julia Child’s homard thermidor. The recipe looks complicated, but once we were done, we realized that it wasn’t at all. We started off the evening with a bottle of Crémant de Bourgogne sparkling wine…
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Life in the City

I think it is about time I write about something. My sad little blog has been abandoned for over half a year. I have to say that writing really isn’t my forte. I never really liked it since I was a kid. My mom told me once when we were talking about my childhood that…
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Once in a (New Year’s Eve) Blue Moon

Hello world! Blue moon tonight! I love a full moon. Full moons always make me smile. I know, I know. It’s been 11 months since my last post. Time flies when you have 4 hour commute, 4 days a week! 2009 in a nutshell: Visited my parents in June/July Remodeled our master bath …and then,…
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At 7AM this morning, Drew woke me up with his iPhone glaring in my face.  I thought he was going to take my picture with sleep in my eyes, messy hair, and lines across my face from the pillow.  So, when I saw the iPhone in my face, I brushed his hand away, with a…
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