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This cold day

I am sitting here in the den, looking at the drizzling day outside. I do like cold days. A cold day to me is a baking day! More than nine months out of a year here in Indianola, I can bake. Even some days in the summer, I do find myself in the kitchen, baking…
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Christmas Dinner and Stardust

I love a nice, quiet Christmas. I think I’m pretty lucky to be born in a family where we don’t really care for gifts. I don’t have to fight the crowds at the mall trying to find gifts for each family member. I also don’t have to travel during the holidays. Well, the fact that…
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Thanksgiving, My Four Day Weekend

My four day weekend is almost over. I love four day weekends, but I do hate it, too. It makes me lazy and not wanting to go to work tomorrow. Our Thanksgiving was great. We did a co-op with our next door neighbor, Mike and Gina. Gina made candied sweet potatoes, garlic mash potatoes, and…
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