At 7AM this morning, Drew woke me up with his iPhone glaring in my face.  I thought he was going to take my picture with sleep in my eyes, messy hair, and lines across my face from the pillow.  So, when I saw the iPhone in my face, I brushed his hand away, with a whining voice, I said, “Nooooo…”.

Actually, he was trying to show me a text message from UB, our friend in NJ.  The text read,

I heard there was a 4.6 earthquake NW of Seattle. Are you guys ok?


I burst out laughing. I totally slept through it. According to the media, it was centered near Kingston, WA. Kingston is about 3 miles away! So, we’re pretty much in the center of the earthquake? …And I didn’t feel a thing? …And neither did the pets. I just watched some show on the television the other day about how animals can sense that earthquake coming. It talked about dogs and cats went missing before an earthquake happened because they could sense danger coming. Our pets, on the other hand, didn’t have a clue. Simon was wedged between me and my body pillow, Lexy snuggled up tightly on my feet and Jas snored away in her bed as usual. No one budged at all. What pathetic little creatures we have… But, I’m definitely not complaining that no one runs away.

Simon and a foot