I think it is about time I write about something. My sad little blog has been abandoned for over half a year. I have to say that writing really isn’t my forte. I never really liked it since I was a kid. My mom told me once when we were talking about my childhood that I always had a problem writing an essay. If I had homework about finding relationship between two things, filling the blanks, or even math, I would finish it with no problem. But when I had an essay to write …and this was in Thai, I would just sit there, staring at the paper, trying to write something. Then, after couple of hours, and I would have 3 sentences written on the paper.

There were a lot of things over the past months I thought that I should write about in my blog. But, as usual, life got in the way. Before, it was the commute that rendered me with no time on my hand. Life in the city is busier than I anticipated. But it’s because we are doing a lot more fun things. We go to the ballet and the movies, have game nights with our friends, participate in our friend’s Confab show, ride our bikes to Ballard farmer’s market, and I cook and bake a lot more.

There is one thing we don’t do, and that is yard work. I don’t miss it at all. Our backyard is about 20’x20′. The builder put in a little patch of lawn in the middle and surround it with garden area. We lived with it for awhile, but we didn’t do anything to it at all. In May, we ripped it all up, and put in flagstone.

Before we started the project, we figured that we wanted stone, no more lawn. But, I couldn’t really decide between cut stone or flagstone. We went to see different types of stones at Lakeview Stone and Garden. I ended up going with flagstone because the cut stones will look a bit too formal for our backyard.

I kind of knew what I want. I could see it in my head, but I wasn’t really sure how it would turn out. Things often don’t get translated well from my idea to reality. It happened to me a lot with paint colors. I would have a color that I want and I could see in my head, but I always chose the wrong one from the 1 inch paint chip I got at the store. Our shed (aka Drew’s brew house) at Indianola house looked like a big grape before I got the right color for it.

So, this time, Drew suggested that I should go out and measure the backyard and sketched it out on a graph paper. So, I did.

Then, we counted all the squares to see how much stone we need. I ordered the stone, and hired a landscaper to install it. And voila! Just like how I imagine it would be!

We mostly have edible plants. We have 4 tomatoes: 2 in pots and 2 in the ground. One zucchini and 4 acorn squash plants are in the ground, and 2 more zucchini in a pot. We also have beans, snap peas, bell peppers, and lemon cucumbers in the ground. The plants that are in the ground aren’t doing well at all because the soil is really crappy. On the other hand, the 2 tomatoes that are in the pots are huge. Next year, we are going to put in new soil for the garden, and we will have one zucchini in a pot. Two zucchini in a pot is not a good idea because it looks like it’s all roots in there. They don’t really creep or produce much either. But I think for the first year, we’re doing pretty well.

Here are more pictures of the backyard.