Yes, Random Crap in Life… I think the title explains it all.

So, life continues after New Jersey. I’ve been back in my house in Indianola, WA since October 3rd. Becker and I drove from JFK to Indianola, WA in 42 hours! It’s 2,900 miles! It would have been quicker if we didn’t get lost in NYC trying to find our way to the Lincoln Tunnel. It was not all that bad now that I look back on it, but I don’t think I will do that again.

I started my job at UW last Monday. The commute sucks, but like anything else, I’ll get used to it. I take the bus from Indianola Clubhouse to the ferry terminal on Bainbridge Island, then another bus to UW in the morning. In the afternoon, I managed to find a vanpool that goes from UW to the ferry. I tried taking the bus back to the ferry terminal on Monday and almost couldn’t make it to the ferry because of the traffic in downtown Seattle. I’m glad that I found ‘the chick van’. That’s what the vanpool riders call themselves. Well, duh, it’s because it happens to be all women, and they all are really cool. Ok, I’m done for now. Stay tuned for more crap in my life.